Isagenix Whole Blend IsaLean Bar

More than just a protein bar, this quick nutritious meal delivers vitamin diversity, clean responsible protein, no added sugar, and good fats. The Isagenix Whole Blend IsaLean Bar can be enjoyed daily to provide you with a quick, simple, delicious meal. Enjoy this bar to satisfy and nourish daily cravings in a healthy way. It will support your energy while boosting your metabolism and help you build lean muscle mass.

Isagenix Whole Blend IsaLean Bar
A crispy, peanut-buttery, delicious superfood with a naturally sweet taste
Unparalleled nutrition
20 grams of high-quality protein, 21 vitamins and minerals source from organic whole food vegetables, and vitamin diversity through vitamers
Supports a healthy lifestyle
Snack in a healthy way that supports your energy while boosting your metabolism and support building lean muscle
Isagenix Whole Blend IsaLean Bar

What is in the Whole Blend bar?

  • 20 g of clean responsible protein from grass fed cows
  • Vitamers, which are the different forms a vitamin can take. Typically, supplements only contain one form. The IsaLean bar contains many forms for greater vitamin diversity
  • 21 vitamins and minerals naturally sourced from organic sweet potato, sunflower seed, pumpkin, kale, spinach, chlorella, broccoli, shiitake mushroom, and maitake mushroom
  • Good fats including those commonly found in avocados and olive oil

All this in a delicious bar with 0 grams of added sugar!

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What is a vitamer?

Scientists now understand that a single vitamin comes in different forms. For example, looking just at vitamin B6, there are 6 different molecules that make up the family of vitamin B6. Each different molecule is called a vitamer. This holds true not just for B6, but for all vitamins.

One of the most exciting things in nutrition research today is understanding that each one of these vitamers has a unique function. So you can see, by getting more vitamers, you are getting more out of your nutrition.

By taking advantage if vitamers offered through Isagenix products you are getting the full spectrum of vitamin diversity.

Vitamin Diversity