AMPED Tri Release Protein

Get Jaw-dropping results in the gym with this sensational protein blend

AMPED Tri Release Protein will help you achieve the results and body shape you are working hard for.

Isagenix AMPED Tri Release Protein

Develop more lean muscle
Packed with three types of protein which offers sustained amino acid release to feed your muscles over time
Enhance Strength
Designed to accelerate and boost muscle protein synthesis to enhance muscle growth
Recover from your workouts quicker
Helps the body recover from strenuous activity so you can keep going strong

More than your average protein supplement

Use AMPED Tri Release Protein to support you through even your toughest workouts. Its great taste and superior composition will have you performing at your peak!

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Grass-fed whey

  • 25-gram responsibly sourced protein for fast, medium, and slow amino acid release. Dairy comes from grass-fed cows that have not been treated with hormones or routine antibiotics
    • undenatured whey protein isolate
    • milk protein concentrate
    • egg white protein
  • 140 calories
  • 6g carbs
  • 2g sugar
  • 1.5 g fat