Isagenix Harvest Thins

Looking for the ideal savory snack? Isagenix Harvest Thins offer a protein-packed solution that is low in calories and tastes great. Unlike most snacks which are high in carbs and fat, Harvest Thins have 11 grams of high-quality plant based protein and only 100 calories. This provides you with a snack that will hold you over until your meal without adding unwanted calories.

Isagenix Harvest Thins
Nutritious and filling
With 11 grams of plant based protein, you will feel fuller while supporting lean muscle growth
Tastes great
Choose from two amazing flavors: Thai Sweet Chili or Garlic and Herb
Individually packaged so you can enjoy them on the go

For health conscious people, finding the right snack can be challenging. The grocery store is filled with options, but they are typically packed with sugar, fat, and provide nothing but empty calories. Isagenix provides the ideal solution with Harvest Thins. These guilt free snacks provide plant based protein instead of carbs with very few calories. Give them a try today!

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Isagenix Harvest Thins
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Comparison To Other Common Snacks

Isagenix Harvest Thins Comparison
Harvest Thins compared to common savory snacks