Isagenix Ionix Supreme

Nature’s Answer to Daily Stress

A unique formula to help you manage the stress in your life. Isagenix Ionix Supreme contains a blend of herbs and nine types of adaptogens will help you to remain calm and stay focused.

Isagenix Ionix Supreme
Packed with nine natural adaptogens, including ashwagandha, wolfberry, eleuthero root, and more
Manage stress
help bring the body’s cells into a state of balance and shield us from the damaging effects of stress
Recover faster
Energizes cells to support faster post-exercise recovery

Nutrient Rich Tonic

Used for centuries in Chinese and Ayurvedic healing traditions, adaptogens have a long history within health and wellness practices. Adaptogens have many benefits including training your body to handle the effects of stress, improving immune response, and supporting mental clarity. Since each adaptogen has a slightly different function, Isagenix Ionix Supreme includes many of them to make sure you are getting the most benefit as you can.

Wolfberry – Sometimes called the goji berry. This comes from a plant native to China, but is now cultivated and grown in warmer regions around the world

Hibiscus Flower – This flower has been used to assist with overal health by ancient cultures around the world

Ashwagandha – A common herb used in the ayurveda system of wellness. This adaptogen has been used to manage stress for more than 3,000 years

Schisandra – This adaptogen is native to the Russian Far East as well as Northern China. This herb is known as a “harmonizing tonic” because of its well-balanced energetic nature.

Eleuthero Root – Thsi adaptogen is found in Northeastern China, Eastern Russia, Korea, and Japan

Rhododendron – This plant is sacred to the people of the Himalayas and is widely recognized for its beautiful flowers

Bacopa – Used as a cognitive aid to enhance memory

Rhodiola – often used to treat altitude sickness it is also known to improve energy levels while strengthening the body’s resistance to stress

Isagenix Ionix Supreme

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