Isagenix AMPED Repair

When it comes to post-workout recovery, Isagenix AMPED Repair helps you overcome fatigue and soreness so you can take on the day with the same energy as your workouts. Contains collagen, the building block of cartilage, for better joint health. It also contains tart cherry to help reduce soreness to help you recover faster after exercise, as well as turmeric to help reduce exercise induced stress, and astaxanthin to help improve exercise, metabolism, and performance. Take within 30 minutes of completing your workout to help with post workout recover and to get better results faster.

Isagenix AMPED Repair
Boost recovery
Specially formulated to help you recover from your workouts fastser
Improve performance
Contains astaxanthin, a naturally occuring carotenoid, to help improve exerciese, metabolism, and performance
Maintain joint health
Made with collagen, the building block of joint health

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Isagenix AMPED Repair
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