Isagenix Nature Oat Bakes

This tasty snack is made with health and nutrition in mind. Low in fat, Isagenix Nature Oat Bakes are packed with oatmeal berry flavors to help you get more fiber into your diet. Made with carefully selected ingredients, these gluten free snacks are convenient, low in fat, and have a naturally sweet taste to satisfy your hunger cravings any time of the day.

Isagenix Nature Oat Bakes
All natural
Made with natural ingredients – no artifical flavors, colors, or sweeteners
Good source of fiber
A good source of fiber to help you feel fuller for longer
Individually packaged so you can enjoy them on the go

With a soft and chewy texture and just sweet enough, you can now enjoy this healthy snack any time of the day. Whole grain oats, naturally sweet berries, natural vanilla, and gluten free – something the whole family can enjoy. Try them today – they may just be your next favorite snack!

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Isagenix Nature Oat Bakes
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